Friday, October 21, 2011

Calling All Dermatologists/ Dr. House Where Are You When I Need You?

What is this stuff? I used to see rashes all day in ER and urgent care, but this is a new one. I first thought it was a ringworm, fungal type of thing, but I'm not sure that the mild antifungal cream did a whole lot. It has been on the legs, top of feet and now very prominently on the back. I finally took the little guy to the Nurse Practitioner, who was not sure what it was and prescribed a combination antifungal/steroid cream. The Medical Assistant who triaged us  in the office was positive she knew what it was and it looked like she had been around a looong time and had seen a lot of kids, but the Nurse Practitioner would not commit to a Dx. The cream seemed to do the trick. He has has not had the cream applied for several days now, and the rash is still gone. Opinions?