Monday, October 11, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Ok. This is not about my usual passions, nursing and food. This is another love of mine, dogs. I have a dachshund who is a spoiled princess, no not even a princess...she is the queen. I lost my beloved German Shepherd a year ago and still miss having a big dog around. A coworker who knows my love of big dogs offered me a dog she rescued 5 months ago. This nurse is moving into an urban apartment in another part of the country and is getting rid of both of her dogs :(  This dog is roughly 6 months old,  housetrained, up to date on shots, loves other dogs and kids, travels well, knows basic obedience, and loves to go on walks. She is also very cute. Perfect, right? Well, I'm not sure. I have a small child, and this dog is possibly a pure bred Pit Bull. I have heard all the stories of kids being mauled by Pit Bulls. I have also met people whose Pit Bulls would lay down their lives for the children of the family. I am very confused.
When I worked in ER and Urgent Care, I took care of many patients with dog bites. I never took care of any mauled by Pit Bulls. Maybe because they were in the morgue already? Sorry that is bad nurse humor. I met many people bitten by Chihuahuas. Seriously. The worst bites I ever saw were from a Golden Retriever of all things. Of course the lady waited a few days before seeking treatment, so the wounds were grossly infected, needing debridement and packing of pretty much her entire leg.
I really need some input on this. I have met the dog before, who seems very gentle and sweet. Is the backlash against these dogs justified? I would certainly get her spayed and never subject her to cruelty or dogfighting. Please tell me your thoughts.


  1. Just found your blog so I'm late to the party, but I hope you took the dog. Pits have a bad rep for unfounded reasons. I've known literally more than a dozen and all were quite sweet with HuMANS. the ones that are mistreated and taught aggression are not at fault/raise her with love and shell be devoted. they can have aggression towards other dogs but not those in their home/pack/ those they have playdates with.

    sorry for being a day late and a dollar short.

  2. She actually ended up keeping her dog. She just couldn't part with her. However, we kept her dog for about 3 weeks while she was in the process of moving. What a sweet, wonderful doggy. She was so gentle and good natured. And it was so dachshund was totally bossing her around. I am a definite pit fan now

  3. My sister's pit wouldn't even allow me to raise my voice to my kids. He'd stand between us and growl at me. When my kids slept on the couch he slept on the edge of the couch to protect them. He would force me to play hide and seek with him. If I wouldn't he'd growl and bark till I did. Every other pit I've been around were always loyal. All of them would get in between people that were fighting as if to break it up.