Monday, January 31, 2011

The Things you Learn at Work

  For reasons unknown to me two coworkers were having a debate over whether cinnamon was an aphrodisiac or not. An intrepid CRNA listening into the conversation googled the matter on his iPhone. He almost immediately discovered a list of supposed culinary aphrodisiacs. Oysters were there of course, as well as chocolate. Honey and almonds were listed, so a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats in the morning could possibly have some interesting consequences. There were certainly some surprises, at least for me. Asparagus was on the list, said by a 17th century herbalist to "stir up passion in both man and woman".  Avocados were also listed. Apparently the Aztecs called avocado trees "testicle trees" due to the  testicular appearance of the pairs of avocados hanging from the branches. In fact, avocados were banned by Spanish Catholic priests due to their sexual nature. I thought garlic was an interesting, odorous choice, but apparently it has the ability to vasodilate and increase blood flow. Bananas, figs, and basil were also on the list, but no cinnamon.  I suggested alcohol, but nobody paid any attention to me.


  1. Not cinnamon? Because the smell and taste of a fresh baked cinnamon roll turns me on in different ways.

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  2. I thought cinnamon lowered blood sugar and the spicier spices were aphrodisiacs. (Like cumin, curry powder, chili...) I just know it makes my tummy happy!

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  4. oops - sorry about the delete above!

    What i meant to say is:

    Perhaps the thot came along in the same mistaken way as the poor little old grandmother in my last blogpost.....

  5. But asparagus makes your urine stink! Not good on a date if you have a small apartment :)

    I like your suggestion. I'll never forget the time I heard my Mom's cousin refer to a drink (alcoholic) as a "panty dropper" LOL

  6. I have always loved figs but I can't say that they have ever turned me on. lol.
    And yeah. I second the alcohol. Works pretty much every time.

  7. I don't know about you, but the testicle trees got a fire burning in me.

  8. I read somewhere that it's actually the smell of cinnamon that's the aphrodisiac.

  9. Next thing you know, rednecks will be hanging them from the hitches of their pick-ups.

  10. I'll never look at an avocado the same way again. And I had issues feeling cucumbers for their firmness in the vegetable aisle! I hope they are never side by side. I'll be blushing! ;)

    I LOVE Cinnamon. I put it on everything. and burn candles with it in the scent. I could see it having that effect. I've never thought of it that way ..but I can appreciate it's appeal.

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