Friday, March 4, 2011

What Can I Say?

Diabetic Oregon Man 'Doing Fine' After Dog Eats Toes

Published March 04, 2011
| Associated Press

A diabetic man from Oregon who awoke to find that his dog had eaten three of his toes says he is recovering and hopes to leave the hospital soon.
Nathan Jones told The Associated Press on Friday that he is "doing fine" and resting, but he declined to speak further.
Jones called 911 on Tuesday to say his dog had eaten part of his right foot while he was sleeping, including three toes.
The hospital says Jones is in fair condition and was expected to go home Friday.
Jones had no feeling in his feet because of diabetes.
Roseburg veterinarian Alan Ross says the dog may have been trying to rid his owner of dead tissue, which is not uncommon.
The dog is at an animal shelter.

***Wow. First we started using leeches to help with grafting reattached limbs. Then maggots to debride dead tissue. Now dogs to gnaw off dead toes. I know some vascular surgeons who may feel very professionally threatened by this dog. With rising healthcare costs, this may be a medical breakthrough. With so many worried about little or no health insurance coverage and possible rationing of care, could canine assisted procedures be the answer? But why is the poor dog in an animal shelter? He may have possibly prevented an entire below the knee amputation with his proactivity. The doggy might have saved his owner from descending into full blown sepsis. Maybe his owner is getting some instruction in the hospital on how to properly manage his diabetes, dare we hope?


  1. i like the idea of labelling it a "medical breakthrough"....

  2. Dogs are crazy creatures for sure!

  3. Just popped in because I think your dawg with shades picture has just got to be one of the cutest I've seen.


  4. And when those whole-limb amputations tragically become necessary, there's always alligators.

    Now how to get that trial past the ethics review board...

  5. Lol, Shannon. I am in Florida, so alligators are everywhere!

    Thanks, Anonymous. She is an awesome dog, the sweetest I have ever had the pleasure of knowing :)

  6. My dog will lick any cut I have better. My GP (PCP) adores animals like me she says their tongues have antiseptic in it and not to worry. She also says dogs like to lick leg ulcers!!!