Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry I have not posted lately. I am taking my hospital's critical care course, which has classroom, computer, and practicum components. The computer part is the ECCO curriculum, which the instructors warned me would be time consuming. I didn't believe them, but I do now. The cardiovascular lesson took hours! And the test was actually kind of hard. My kids were like "Mom, how can it be hard? You can look at your notes while you take it."
I said "Well, yes, but the questions can be complicated. You actually have to think." 
"Thinking! Ewwwwww!" they said. I have to agree : )

It is also mandatory education time at the hospital. This is where the employees have to take about a hundred tests online about various topics, ranging from preventing falls to disaster management to radiation safety. You used to be able to take the test without actually reading the learning material. They fixed that though, so now one must wade through the lesson before taking the test. Why I have to know the routes of transmission for Ebola, I'm not sure. And learning how to prevent surgical fires when I'm not an OR nurse? Hmmm.
I liked this answer option regarding what do do if you are passing by a room and see that an elderly patient on fall precautions is struggling to get out of their bed: "Close the door and go to lunch". The correct answer was probably "stay with the patient and call for help", but I really liked the other one better.

Yesterday one of the doctors told me that I looked like Juliette Lewis. I'm not sure if that is a compliment or what. She has played some really crazy characters. I asked him if he thought I was psycho. He said that he thought that she and I had some similar features and that he hoped that I would refrain from psychotic behavior, at least at work. I told him I would try.

Later on in the day, a patient was waking up in the PACU. I explained to him that his surgery was over. He said "Really? I thought you were an angel!"

Sweet talker.


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  2. OMG! I am a new ICU nurse and I just finished ECCO. Holy crap was that long and horrible! I am also a new grad, and I was enjoying my recent divorce to books, notecards, and endless hours care plans. Then I was informed orientation included ECCO. At first I was excited, thinking I was going to learn so much. The love affair was short lived. Thank God I had 6 months to complete it and I was paid for every last drop of time it too me. I feel your pain. I hope your relationship is short lived!!!!!

  3. Yes. ECCO is kind of overwhelming. We only have 12 weeks to do it! I am on Pulmonary right now and Endocrine next week. I will be so relieved when it is over!