Sunday, July 24, 2011

Green Tea?

Last night our break room microwave had completely quit working. So, I ventured into the surgical waiting room to get some hot water for my tea. Some family members of a patient saw me and struck up a conversation. As I was heading back to work, they asked me what I was drinking. I told them that I was drinking green tea.
The woman literally turned up her nose at me. "Hmmph" she said and turned to her daughter "She looks like the kind of person who would drink green tea".

    ****What does that mean?****


  1. LOL! I don't know what that means, but I also drink green tea, so I can only assume that it means devastatingly good-looking and kind.

  2. Ha!! Maybe you look like the kind of person who is glowing from the benefits of all the antioxidants. And yes. Green tea is totally the bee's knees. <3

  3. RS and Estelle, I definitely like your theories!

  4. that's awesome. I love green tea. Rock it green tea lady.

  5. They obviously are not the type to drink green tea. Odd comment, I'd have to say.

  6. I would've asked her what she meant.

    Has so many health benefits. I even get it in the melatonin I take at night.

    And how rude of her.