Saturday, September 10, 2011

Question of the Day

This question was posed to me by a brand new nurse, but is something that I have also wondered about in the past.

"Why do so many Respiratory Therapists smoke?"

Any ideas?


  1. I don't know ...but seems to be an accurate observation.

    In the hospital I worked in, all but one did. And you'd think with what they see/do they'd put it out forever.

    But then why do other med people drink or remain obese?

    Being human I guess. And thinking someday I'll change.

    But ..the cigarettes just seem so obvious.

  2. Same question go for nurses. Why do so many of my colleagues smoke?

    Do as I say... not as I do....?

  3. I also wonder why so many nurses smoke. I mean, knowing what we know about cigarette smoke, seeing the effects, seeing it kill people..why would a nurse continue to do that to themselves?

    Why would anyone with any kind of medical knowledge do that to themselves?

  4. None of the RT's at my hospital smoke. I also think the same types of thoughts about nurses that smoke though.....the "How can you when you know better" types of thoughts. But then, I used to be guilty of it myself. The why? Same as most's an addiction, it's a perceived "stress reliever", etc etc.

  5. I don't know, but I always wish I had a camera when I'm driving by Providence and the smokers, forced to smoke out by the street, are in front of the "Cancer Center" sign.

  6. Because the RT's have been driven nuts with requests for breathing treatments because:

    1. Patient has low sats

    2. CHF patient is full of fluid

    3. Patient is a PIA and has a PRN and the nurse/techs are sick of the patient so they want to share the fun

    4. Patient is Comfort Care but the nurse is afraid to give "too much morphine" so they think a breathing treatment will make the patient comfortable

    5. Patient has a low heart rate (assumed due to SOB)

    6. Patient has a high heart rate (assumed due to SOB)

    7. Some times 5 & 6 happen on the same patient on the same shift but with different nurses

    8. Patient has a cough

    9. Patient needs to cough

    10. See #7

    I could go on and on...

  7. Why do nurses buddy up to arrogant and rude doctors partaking in slanderous conversation about other nursing colleagues allowing the doctors to throw their colleagues to openly lie, harass, intimidate nursing colleagues?