Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quote of the Day- Political Version

I was talking to a cardiothoracic surgeon yesterday. He was discussing the controversy regarding presidential candidate Herman Cain and the several complaints of sexual harassment lodged against him. Bear in mind this is the surgeon who when he saw me dressed up for my interview with the PACU, told me that he would give me a glowing recommendation based on how I looked in my dress.
His take on the Cain/sexual harassment controversy:

"Well, I don't see what the big deal is. Now if the media was showing a picture of him with two naked strippers with his hands up both their that would get my attention."

I'll bet it would, Sir, I'll bet it would.


  1. He's just okay as a surgeon. He would not be my first choice, maybe tied for third.

  2. Who cares what kind of surgeon he is? He's an idiot. Period.

  3. I'm not rushing into judgment with Cain and waiting for it to unfold.

    That being said ...It IS a BIG deal if the allegations are true! And how would this surgeon feel if it was HIS wife, sister, etc.?

    Surgeon sounds like a Jerk! He sounds like a coworker I would not enjoy being around. Yrs ago I had worked with an employee who would say the most sexual things and off color jokes (I'm no prude), and would make my skin crawl and I froze like a dear in headlights ..trapped. Now ..I'd speak up or leave. He was disgusting. Oh ..I could tell stories about unwanted encounters. I think a lot of women could.

    WHAT is wrong with people that they don't get it? And I know topic ...but that whole Penn State tragedy. How the hell could these people in so many areas look the other way? I think just as badly of them as the molester because they supposedly were intelligent people that knew better and did NOTHING and so even more boys suffered.

  4. Surgeon probably responded that way because he's behaved similarly himself. The comment about strippers is inappropriate for the workplace (and anywhere, for that matter). I can imagine his "just kidding" comments could easily make criteria for sexual harassment. What a jerk!