Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Medical Terminology

Sometimes nurses get sent to work on unfamiliar units due to staffing problems. I know little about Gynecology, but apparently they just needed someone with a nurse's license who had a pulse. So, while floating to the Gynecology floor a few weeks ago, I met a sweet as can be twenty something CNA/Tech. She came out of a patient’s room and asked me in an exasperated tone “We don’t have sanitary napkins, do we ?”
I replied “Yes, I'm sure we do. They're probably in the Supply Pyxis”
“Really?” she said ” I’ve never seen those here.”
Wondering how a Gynecology floor could possibly stay running without an ample supply of sanitary napkins, I asked  “Are you sure you know what sanitary napkins are?”
She looked at me in disbelief “Of course I do. They are the little square wet wipes like you get at a barbeque place.”
We had a quick lesson on feminine hygiene products that evening.

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  1. This is hysterical!! Keep up the good work, Teacher!