Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scrubs, Caps, and Aprons

I was so envious of the students in the other local nursing programs. Some wore white scrub pants and blue polo shirts. Some wore burgundy scrubs. Students in my program were stuck in a time warp. White polyester high waisted pants with the seams down the front of the legs. A polyester white shirt with a zipper down the front and a peter pan collar. The finishing touch was a blue and white striped "pinafore", apparently a fancy name for an apron. The whole thing came together into an unflattering package.We did have white caps, but were not required to wear them. They did not have the black stripe. Is the black stripe an indicator of graduation? Does it indicate your school? I don't know.
The women in this picture gave me a smile. the two in dark colors are apparently students.  I love the cap of the one in the middle with the Jackie O hair. It looks like it could easily kick the asses of the other two caps.
Thank goodness we don't have to wear whites now. Giving one patient charcoal would ruin the look.  At our hopital we just went to one uniform color for all RN's and LPN's. Respiratory, PT and CNA's, etc have their own colors.What do you think of uniforms?

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