Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Musings AKA Too Tired to Write Anything Coherent

Passed ACLS yesterday. Even though this is the 3rd time I have taken it, I always get nervous and am afraid I am going to fail. I feel like an imposter in there with all the ICU and Cath Lab nurses. But I actually had no trouble at all passing because the material was extremely fresh in my mind. We had the most unexpected, most draining, marathon code the night before. That is definitely a story for another day when I am more awake.

I also attempt every year to use trauma shears to cut Holiday wrapping paper. They work great on patients' clothing, but not so much on my delicate Christmas tree covered gift wrap. Go figure.

Bought the Lego Airport set for my 9 year old. 99 freaking dollars for Legos! Seriously. I ...have...lost She still writes a letter to Santa, though, so it's worth working a few extra hours for some overpriced plastic blocks. You gotta be able to rely on Santa.

My 12 year old wants a cell phone. Some of her friends have had them since third grade.

After ACLS I stopped by Preop Holding as I was advised to by my Manager  "Just to make sure they don't need you. The surgery schedule is fairly light in the afternoon and evening tomorrow. I'm sure they will just send you right home". Uhhhh. Yeah. Not so much. The good news is that the Lego Airport is now paid for and then some. But every floor patient we got was starving, grouchy, on isolation and had an infiltrated IV. Fortunately everyone was stable and had a vein for me to stick, and all turned out well. One elderly hip fracture patient was scheduled to be operated on by the infamous Dr. Handsome. Fortunately his semi handsome, but extremely easygoing and kind partner showed up to perform the surgery.

Made my first ever brownies from scratch. Delicious! Have pumpkin cheesecake with streusel topping cooling in the fridge right now. Heavenly. Feeling warm and blessed to be home with my family.


  1. My 11 year old wants a phone too! All her friends have one, ugh, when's the right time? We're caving and getting her one for Christmas...only because the phone is free and we are not giving her access to the internet.

    Congrats on passing the ACLS :)

  2. My 11 year old finally has managed to possess a phone without getting it immediately getting it taken up at school.

    I think we're making progress.

    And brownies from scratch? YUM!!!!

  3. Ohhh those from scratch brownies were yummy! And not really that hard to make. Normally with the mix brownies I can eat...ummm...let's just say more than one. The scratch brownies were so rich and decadent that one filled me up :)
    Good luck with the phone Mrs. DCS! We are not doing an internet plan either. And Nurse XY that is so good about your child doing well with their phone. My 13 year old nephew just ran his through the washing machine :o We'll see how my daughter does!